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Do you have a will?

Lately we received quite a number of emails on what people go through when their loved one die with or without a will. We have written on this topic before but thought we can summarize it here again.

Let’s first explore if you do not leave behind a will and what your loved ones will have to go through.

Do you have a will?No
The next of kin has to apply for LA from High Court to appoint an Administrator
The next of kin has to seek and compile deceased’s assets information and documentation
The next of kin has to carry out self-investigation on deceased’s assets/debts
The next of kin has to obtain LA from High Court
The next of kin has to be admitted as an Administrator
Administrator to realize deceased’s assets and settlement of debts and to prepare a complete Estate Account as per Section 62 Probate and Administration Act 1959
Administrator to distribute assets according to Distribution Act 1958 or family arrangement

Now let’s see what happens when you leave a will behind for your loved ones.

Do you have a will?Yes
Your appointed Executor will administer the estate according to your Will
Your appointed Executor will apply Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate
Your appointed Executor to distribute the estate according to your Will

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