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January 2021

Living Wills in Malaysia

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were stricken with some incurable or insufferable disease that would inevitably drag out the last years of your life? Of course not, most of us don’t dwell in the despair and dreadful thoughts that are end-of-life planning. However, despite our denial of these possibilities, these …

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Reminder – New Year Promotion 50% off

The Year-End promotion received a very good response that we decided to extend it for another 2 weeks. As we celebrate the new year 2021 we are happy to announce we will be running a promotion where you will be able to purchase MyLastWill and MyPoA at a 50% discount. Don’t miss this opportunity. Terms …

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Who can be a beneficiary in your Will?

When writing your Will, one of the important consideration is choosing your beneficiary or beneficiaries. A Last Will & Testament is a vital tool which helps protect your family while distributing your assets based on your priorities. From passing down your house to selecting a guardian to look after your kids, a Will makes your …

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