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Do you need a Lawyer to write a Will?

At WillsMalaysia.my, we make a lot of effort to dispel the idea that you must work with a lawyer or solicitor to draught your will. A Last Will and Testament can be made with just your signature and two witnesses; neither the assistance of a lawyer nor a notary public is necessary. Certain circumstances do warrant obtaining legal counsel, but this is unrelated to the question of whether a lawyer or solicitor is necessary to draught a valid will.

WillsMalaysia work with a panel of lawyers all over Malaysia, should you need one. Many individuals decide to draught their will just when they believe they need it. People who needed a Will right away included those who were going on a trip later that day or who were having surgery the next day. A lawyer is rarely able to fulfil requests with so little notice, but a service like WillsMalaysia.my can deliver a fully valid Last Will and Testament to the user in 20 minutes in the middle of the night.

So, no, a lawyer is not necessary for you to create a valid Will. Not everyone has access to legal counsel when they need it and where they reside. You could need legal counsel, and this must be provided by a licensed attorney or solicitor. However, it is everyone’s constitutional right to draught their own Will.

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