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Do you understand your Last Will and Testament?

We discussed how simple a Last Will and Testament can be, today I thought we should talk about the language used in the document.

Most lawyers would rather you pay them to write up your will. They may give many reasons for you not to write your own will, the most common is that you may make a mistake, even if you use a technology platform like WillsMalaysia.my to write your Will.

Most online Will writing service uses a series of questions and answers to gather your details before creating a will for your review. The questions go through your personal detail, your spouse, children, your asset and many other crucial factors. Along the way you get to read and understand more about the will by using the online help, FAQs, videos and many other documentation. At the end of it, you understand more than when you started off.

Compare this to going into a lawyer’s office. The lawyer may already have a template they previously used for many other clients. The lawyer may also ask some standard questions like:
– Your details
– Your spouse details
– Your children
– Executor
– Guardian for minor children
– Beneficiaries

Some lawyers will just ask you to complete a form for you to answer the above questions. Upon completion, the lawyer key’s in your answers to the standard template and prints it out. You then walk out with the document after paying some RM 600 or so.

My argument to you is why can’t you do it yourself? If you have the template can’t you just “find and replace”? Maybe but usually a template is not a one size fits all. I would say you need to have control over your will. You need to take your time, understand it and go over it many times before finally signing it.

I also would argue that a will is not a one time task. There are many life changes that will result in you updating your will. The lawyer will again charge you a nominal fee to update your will.
With our online service, you can update as many times as you wish for FREE.

You have the opportunity to read frequently asked questions in each section and then read your Will at the end to make sure it reflects what you really want to happen. We get questions from many people on many topics on Will that we have compiled for your reference.

Lawyers often argue that people do not have the skills, experience or even the intelligence to prepare their own Will. We would argue the opposite. We give you the tolls, the information, the system and you create your own will at your own pace and at the comfort of your own home.

We consider the process of using an interactive service and understanding what steps went into the production of the Last Will and Testament as important as the final document itself. No one prepares a will in one sitting. That is why we give you ONE YEAR to try it for FREE.

Ultimately, you should understand your Last Will and Testament, every line and every clause. The document should express exactly how you would like your estate to be distributed, and should not include any language that you do not understand. It should be plain and simple and expresses your wishes.

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  1. it’s a relief to know you can actually understand what goes into your will instead of it being all legal mumbo jumbo. makes me feel more in control of the whole process.

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