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I’m not ready to write my Will

Of course you are not. A will makes life so much easier, after your passing. It’s true, it has no benefit to you while you’re living. Just like a life insurance policy, it remains dormant until you are dead. A will is basically a document that insists you in making several decisions that could be life changing to your loved ones.

When you die, you leave behind your legacy to the ones you love. Given that it is your legacy so it’s best you have a say in it. It’s your legacy, you decide! A will makes the transition of your legacy a smooth one. But are you ready to write a will? Many people procrastinate or think they are not ready. There is no good time to write a will but we know you need to write one. Give your family a blueprint for a better tomorrow.
Basically, a will is the document which states how you want your assets to be distributed among my beneficiaries when you die. Every decision taken should be made in sound mind. This is to avoid any legal challenge in court.

As I’ve said before, writing a will is not a once in a lifetime effort. It is a continuous effort. There are many life changes that can happen after you write your first will. So to keep it updated is important. Think of it like maintaining your car. Oil change and service is crucial to ensure it is ready to drive whenever you want. So is keeping your will updated so it is active and current at the crucial point for your loved ones. May not be the best of analogies but I think you get my point.

Here at WillsMalaysia, we do not charge you for subsequent updates. You may make as many changes as you wish. To ensure your will is valid and legal, all you need to do is to sign it in front of two witnesses. Imagine having to go to a lawyer each time you want to update your will!
We also encourage people to review their will on an annual basis. You may just log into the account and make changes on your Last Will and testament. This system is user friendly whereby you do not have to depend on someone to update your last will and testament. Some of our clients have done this dozens of times.

Your circumstances will always change from time to time. It might be anything concerning the lives of your beneficiaries, Executors and Guardians. That is why we encourage you to make a Will before it is too late. So, write a will before it is too late.

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