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Why you should write your own will than using a lawyer

And save some money while at it, use WillsMalaysia.my

I don’t imply employing a blank form package that you can purchase from a store or sitting down with a blank sheet of paper. Both of these strategies are a complete waste of time. I’m not talking about reading a book; I’m talking about using interactive software like the resources provided by WillsMalaysia.my. This service guards you against the errors that come with a blank form package, such as including language in your Will that is against the law or failing to account for all potential scenarios. These services are actually so good these days that they are not merely a choice “if you cannot afford a lawyer.” They do, in fact, offer several noteworthy advantages over hiring a lawyer to write your Will.

You’ll truly complete it.
More than 60% of adults don’t have a will in place, and many lament that scheduling an appointment with a lawyer is the biggest obstacle. Several of our clients choose WillsMalaysia because they have put off writing a “real Will” and are about to embark on a trip or have surgery. They explain to us that they need “something” in place now and that they will write a “proper Will” later. Then, one of two things occurs: either they never get around to drafting the “right one,” or alternatively, they eventually schedule a consultation with their attorney, shell out RM800, and discover that their new Will is identical to the one written at WillsMalaysia. When I use the word “the same,” I mean exactly the same—word for word. The lawyer uses the same software that we do, therefore there is no way to tell the two documents apart.

The idea that you would only make a will once in your lifetime is a huge obstacle to creating one. After all, you’d anticipate it to last at least a few years at RM800. A Will, however, only remains in effect as long as the circumstances of those listed in it remain unchanged. It’s generally a good idea to revise your will if your alternate Executor relocates abroad. You might want to revise your Will if a charity enters your life and you want to include a bequest to honor them. Sadly, this calls for scheduling an additional session with a lawyer and incurring additional fees of RM800 each time. Simply log in, make the necessary changes, and print a new Will using WillsMalaysia.my. It costs nothing and only takes ten minutes.

It’s possible that you’re the kind of person who genuinely wants to know about something as significant as your Will. Regrettably, the majority of attorneys do not have the time or desire to go you through every clause in your will and explain what each language means. You can write your will at your own pace and read as much or as little to educate yourself by using a service like that provided by WillsMalaysia.my. You can genuinely comprehend your Will and the choices that were made to construct it thanks to the helpful wording that is provided with each page and option. The majority of people who utilise our service report feeling empowered and fully understanding their own Wills after creating them.

There can be information in your will that you don’t want to share. You might not feel confident telling a lawyer that you want to leave your nephew your old school tie in addition to a long list of other sentimental items. Even with a lawyer, you might not want to discuss a significant organization with them. By using our service, you have complete control over the content of your Will and don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to. You don’t have to tell anyone why you made the update; you can make it whenever you want. It truly is a private and personal document created by you.

Given all of these benefits, one could almost assume that WillsMalaysia.my‘s services would cost at least as much as seeing a lawyer. Yet, in the end, you are writing your own paperwork and not relying on our legal counsel. For RM269.00, you can create a will at WillsMalaysia.my

For those who “can’t afford” legal bills, employing our services to prepare your own document is not an option. Those who need to write a will, wish to revise it as needed, want to learn more about the process, and value privacy should consider this option carefully. Yeah, it’s more affordable, and yes, the finished product is identical, but a service like ours offers so much more.

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