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I don’t need a Will yet – really?

I just saw this comment on our Facebook page: “Lucky for me, I don’t need a Will yet.” That would be comparable to claiming that I’m not fastening my seatbelt since I don’t need to yet. Technically speaking, it is true that a will is not necessary until after death. The issue is that at that time, it is marginally too late to consider putting one together. Fortunately, there is no time limit on when you may create your Will; in fact, right now would be a great moment to do so.

Given that 70% of adults do not have a will in place, it is obvious that many individuals are taking the approach of waiting until the very last minute to draught one, making the underlying assumption that they will pass away when they are elderly, which is presumably years from now. However, there are some extremely major problems with this strategy;

Most of us do not receive adequate warning before we pass away. Accidents happen, and assuming that we would all have the opportunity to sit down and create a Will a few months before we pass away is optimistic thinking.

Furthermore, we might not be able to create a Will at the moment when we are going to die away or have the resources to do so. If you intend to hire a lawyer to draught your will, you will need to either schedule an appointment or request that the lawyer come to you. You could need a computer, printer, witnesses, and other tools that are available now but might not be in your last weeks if you want to prepare your own.

The Will was not drafted with a clear, coherent head, which is the most essential reason why it is more likely to be contested. Even without taking into account any possible drugs you may be taking at that point, knowing that you are on the verge of death may impair your capacity to think clearly. You must be able to make wise decisions while creating your will. You actually need the level of mental ability you currently possess.

To avoid having to wait for this fictitious day in the future when you become more aware of your mortality, it seems logical to write your will now.

The other error that individuals frequently commit is waiting until their lives are stable. The phrase “I’m not going to prepare my Will now since we’re intending to start a family next year” is one that we frequently hear. Waiting until life seems to be in a state of stagnation is not advantageous. In reality, you have limitless access to modifications to your papers whenever you utilise a service like the one offered by WillsMalaysia.my. You may simply log in, make the necessary changes to your document, and create a new Will if something in your life changes. Your will is likely to never be drafted if you wait till your circumstances won’t change.

Procrastination has several drawbacks and virtually no positives. Although the best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago but the second-best time to plant a tree is today.

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  1. The idea that we can’t predict our own demise is a little scary. Makes you want to get your affairs in order ASAP.

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