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Why Write your Will just before you are about to die !!

The general consensus on creating a Last Will and Testament appears to be that the optimum time to do it is just before you pass away. In light of the fact that studies indicate that 70% of individuals do not have a will in place.

I’ve seen two stories today that support this odd theory. The first one is taken from Dick Cheney’s autobiography. Evidently, there was a time when Osama Bin Laden believed he would be apprehended. The memoir clarifies

I find it incredible that someone with Bin Laden’s means and “political” standing would not have made the time to draught a Last Will and Testament at any point during his life. Even in the Western World, it seems that many believe that a will should only be written once you are on your deathbed. This may be due to cultural differences. In actuality, the present is the ideal moment to draught a will. If your financial or personal circumstances changes, you may revise your plan as frequently as you’d like, but waiting until you are near to pass away is truly awful preparation.

I laughed when I read this article’s headline. “After a life-defying flight, Marianne was compelled to create a final will.” According to the legend, someone had a near-death experience that made them understand how frail life was and that they needed to make a Will. This occurs frequently. People become aware that they are not impervious to disaster and that it can strike any one of us at any time when they witness it around them. It’s an intriguing viewpoint to think that Marianne was ultimately compelled to make her Will because it sounds like the last thing any healthy person would want to do. Your will should be written while you are mentally and physically sound and should not be a job that fills you with dread or grief.

Everyone, regardless of age, wealth, or health should have a will.

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