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The high cost of law in Malaysia

Using an online will-writing portal can be a more affordable and accessible option for many individuals. Here are some advantages and things to consider when opting for an online will-writing service in Malaysia or anywhere else:

Cost-Effective: Online platforms generally offer services at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal services, making them accessible to a broader audience.
Convenience: These platforms allow users to draft their wills at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes.
Guidance: Many platforms provide step-by-step guidance, explanations, and templates to help individuals ensure their wills are comprehensive and legally sound.
Flexibility: As circumstances change (e.g., the birth of a child, acquisition of new assets, etc.), it’s relatively straightforward to update an online will.

Things to Consider:
Validity: Ensure that the online service complies with the Malaysia Wills Act 1959 and any other relevant legal regulations.
Complex Estates: If you have a complex estate, significant assets, or specific concerns, a standard online template might not be sufficient. In such cases, even if it’s more expensive, consulting with a legal professional could be crucial.
Review and Updates: Laws and personal circumstances can change. It’s essential to regularly review and update your will, even if it’s drafted online.
Secure Storage: Once the will is written, consider how and where you’ll store it. Some online platforms might offer digital storage, but you should also have physical copies in safe places and inform trusted individuals about its location.
Witness Requirements: Even if drafted online, your will typically needs to be printed and witnessed according to legal requirements. Ensure you follow the necessary steps to make it legally binding.
Understanding: Using templates and guided processes is helpful, but ensure you fully understand the clauses and provisions you include in your will.

Ultimately, the primary goal is to have a will that accurately reflects your wishes and is legally enforceable. If an online will-writing portal helps you achieve that in an affordable manner, it’s a valuable tool. However, always approach with caution, do your research, and consider seeking legal advice if you’re uncertain about any aspect of your will.

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