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Using an online Will writing service

Using a lawyer-approved will writing software like WillsMalaysia.my can be advantageous, especially considering the potential pitfalls of drafting a will without any guidance. Here are the benefits that come with using such software:

Legal Compliance: A software designed specifically for Malaysian wills, especially one approved by lawyers, ensures that the drafted document is in line with the Malaysia Wills Act 1959. This minimizes the risk of creating an invalid will due to overlooked legal requirements.

Guided Process: Such software typically offers step-by-step guidance through the will-writing process, ensuring that you don’t miss out on essential aspects. It’s like having a virtual lawyer assisting you, pointing out crucial sections and helping you understand each component’s significance.

Templates & Customization: While the software provides structure and templates tailored for Malaysian law, it usually also allows for customization to fit the unique needs and circumstances of the individual.

Cost-Effective: While there’s usually a cost associated with premium software, it’s generally less expensive than hiring a lawyer for personal consultation. You get a blend of professional guidance and affordability.

Secure Storage: Professional will-writing software often provides options for secure digital storage, ensuring that the will is safely kept and can be accessed or updated whenever required.

Updates & Amendments: Circumstances and decisions can change over time. With software like WillsMalaysia.my, users can easily update or amend their will without starting from scratch, ensuring that their last testament remains up-to-date with their wishes.

Educational Resources: Many of these platforms offer educational resources, FAQs, and tips about estate planning and the significance of various clauses in a will. This ensures that users are informed about their decisions.

Reduction of Errors: Manual drafting can lead to mistakes, both in terms of legal jargon and content. Using software reduces the risk of errors, as it often includes checks and validations that guide the user towards creating a legally sound document.

In summary, while self-written wills have their benefits, using a lawyer-approved will writing software strikes a balance between professional legal advice and the autonomy of drafting one’s will. It ensures that the final document adheres to the legal framework of Malaysia and truly captures the testator’s wishes.

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