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What happens when you die with a will

In my last article, I wrote about what happens when you die without a will. Now let’s talk about what happens when you die with a will.

Your Appointed Executor will:
– Administer Estate According to your Will
– Apply Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate
– Distribute the Estate According to your Will

Approximate Time Until Beneficiaries Can Access Funds: Three to Six Months!

It’s definitely a shorter list. Am I over-simplifying it? Of course I am but these are the facts. The process is so much smoother now that your loved ones have your will in hand. There may be other issues that may arise, like all other families; jealously, rivalry, arguments and on and on. But the fact is – there is a will and the process is clear.

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2 thoughts on “What happens when you die with a will”

  1. The comparison between dying with and without a will is stark. Knowing that having a will can significantly reduce the time and stress for loved ones during an already difficult time provides such peace of mind. It’s a relief to know that my wishes will be clear and can be acted upon quickly.

  2. The article touches on a real point about family issues that can arise during estate distribution. Having a will might not solve all family disputes, but it certainly lays down the law and makes the executor’s job much more straightforward.

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