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What happens when you die without a will?

I would never wish this upon anyone as I personally know the frustration you have to go through. However it is best you have an understanding.

Your Next of Kin will have to:

  • Appoint Administrator
  • Compile Information for Assets and Documents
  • Carry out Self-Investigation on Debts and Assets
  • Obtain LA from High Court
  • Admitted as Administrator
  • Prepare Complete Estate Account
  • Distribute Assets

Approximate Time Until Beneficiaries Can Access Funds: Three to Five Years

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3 thoughts on “What happens when you die without a will?”

  1. I never realized just how complicated things could get for my family if I passed away without a will. The thought of them having to wait three to five years to access funds and go through such a complex process is really concerning. This article has definitely prompted me to take action.

  2. The services offered by WillsMalaysia seem like a godsend, especially when considering the hassle one’s family would have to go through without a will. The idea of creating a will conveniently and affordably from home is very appealing.

  3. Reading about the lengthy and frustrating process for next of kin really puts things into perspective. It’s a stark reminder that we shouldn’t take time for granted and need to prepare for the future. I’m going to look into writing my will as soon as possible.

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