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What if I get divorced?

How does your marriage or divorce affect the validity of your will? That’s a great question. Your will is automatically revoked when you get married or remarried. A divorce however does not affect the validity of a will. You need to create a new will in such circumstances.

Our advice at WillsMalaysia is that writing a will is not a one-time task. It is a lifetime task. Consider all the life events that takes place in your life. Marriage or divorce is an example of life events. Other life event examples includes having children, your beneficiary dies, changes in your business life or your financial situation, your executor situation changed, you bought or sold a property and many other events that may warrant you to update your will.

If you are one of those who paid a lawyer thousands of ringgit to write your will, then you will have to update the will for each life event changes. That is going to be costly. At WillsMalaysia however, all subsequent updates to your will is free of charge, as long as your membership is active.

It’s your legacy, you decide!

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