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What is the Price of a Will?

I think the more relevant question is what is the price of not having a will? Death is imminent, whether you like it or not. It is a subject of taboo in many cultures. But we can’t go on our lives living in fear of death but rather accept it and plan for it.

Would you rather pass on knowing you have planned to the best of your ability the distribution of your assets or would you rather your loved ones squabble over them? We assume the worst that they will fight and squabble over your assets but you will never know.

Over the years you have worked hard, build a family, owned many possessions and created some wealth. These are all your legacy. What better way than to define how your legacy lives on by you taking ownership of its destiny.

What is the price of a will? Peace.

What is the price of a will? Resolved.

What is the price of a will? Clarity.

Give your loved ones the peace of mind knowing you have spent time thinking about what you are leaving behind and who you are leaving it to. Let them know you have also considered legal guardians for your young children should you and your spouse demise that the same time. You may also include any charitable donation or even a trust for your pet.

You can achieve all these and more by using our friendly services at WillsMalaysia.my

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  1. The article’s right, it’s not just about the money, it’s about making things easier for everyone left behind

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