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Why Will?

Hello all. My name is Praba Pillai. Five years ago my brother, Ganes went to bed one night and did not wake up the next morning. He was only 49. Your story may not be the same as mine but I’m sure in one chapter of your life, you or someone you know has experienced loss. Our story may differ but we can agree the challenges are many.

My brother had many belongings in his name and like many people he did not think of writing a will. I had to learn the tough realities of dealing with several branches of government, lawyers, banks and the courts. I had to also quickly learn the difference between a Letter of Administration and Probate, the Wills Act 1959, the Distribution Act 1958, and all the other legal parlance that came stacked with it.

Five years have passed and at the time of writing this piece, the transfer of title of my brother’s house is still in the works. That is the tough realities of not having a will.

My motive is simple and sincere! To create awareness among Malaysians on the importance of writing a Will but without all the legal issues that go behind it and to give an affordable alternative.

That is what we do at WillsMalaysia. We offer a blueprint for a better tomorrow. It is Your Legacy, You Decide!

3 thoughts on “Why Will?”

  1. I appreciate that WillsMalaysia is offering an affordable alternative to traditional will writing. The process can be daunting and expensive, which deters many. Knowing there’s a service out there that can help simplify this process and make it more accessible is a relief. I’ll definitely be looking into this for my own family.

  2. Praba’s story about his brother really hit home for me. I’ve been putting off writing a will, thinking it’s too complex or something I could do later. This article was a wake-up call. It’s a reminder that life is unpredictable and it’s important to be prepared. Thanks for sharing such a personal story to shed light on this important issue.

  3. Praba Pillai’s personal account of the complications that arose after his brother passed away without a will is a sobering reminder of the importance of being prepared. It’s a common oversight, but this story really drives home the message that writing a will is a crucial step in managing your affairs, not just for your peace of mind but for the sake of your loved ones’ future. It’s commendable that WillsMalaysia is working to simplify this process and make it accessible to more people.

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