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Why you need a will

Many people I speak to generally understand the importance of a Will but procrastination always get the upper hand. Here are some reasons to think about:

  • Choose your beneficiaries
  • Write bequests for charity
  • Choose how assets are distributed
  • Choose trustee and executor
  • Set up trust for minor children
  • Choose guardian for minor children
  • Speed up distribution process
  • Express wishes for funeral arrangements and organ donation preferences

WillsMalaysia is creating awareness on the importance of writing a will and to provide an affordable alternative to all Malaysians. MyLastWill™ is a convenient, affordable and simple way to create a legal will easily and at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your home. Utilize our online wizard to innovatively create a will today! WillsMalaysia offers the most competitive prices and customizable options for all your Will and PoA documentation needs. All our products have the option to be stored in a secure physical format, to be reviewed by a lawyer, or to have unlimited updates to keep up with your busy life. No other company or lawyer beats our prices and services!

10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. A “lawyer-approved” online service

2. The most comprehensive service in the market

3. Simple step-by-step instructions

4. Uses plain and simple language, without the legal jargon

5. Online help every step of the way

6. Save hundreds of Ringgit in legal fees

7. Free-of-charge unlimited updates

8. Complies with Malaysia Wills Act 1959

9. FREE to try

10. All from the comfort of your home

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