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Why you need a will

Many people I speak to generally understand the importance of a Will but procrastination always get the upper hand. Here are some reasons to think about:

  • Choose your beneficiaries
  • Write bequests for charity
  • Choose how assets are distributed
  • Choose trustee and executor
  • Set up trust for minor children
  • Choose guardian for minor children
  • Speed up distribution process
  • Express wishes for funeral arrangements and organ donation preferences

WillsMalaysia is creating awareness on the importance of writing a will and to provide an affordable alternative to all Malaysians. MyLastWill™ is a convenient, affordable and simple way to create a legal will easily and at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your home. Utilize our online wizard to innovatively create a will today! WillsMalaysia offers the most competitive prices and customizable options for all your Will and PoA documentation needs. All our products have the option to be stored in a secure physical format, to be reviewed by a lawyer, or to have unlimited updates to keep up with your busy life. No other company or lawyer beats our prices and services!

10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. A “lawyer-approved” online service

2. The most comprehensive service in the market

3. Simple step-by-step instructions

4. Uses plain and simple language, without the legal jargon

5. Online help every step of the way

6. Save hundreds of Ringgit in legal fees

7. Free-of-charge unlimited updates

8. Complies with Malaysia Wills Act 1959

9. FREE to try

10. All from the comfort of your home

3 thoughts on “Why you need a will”

  1. This article really opened my eyes to the importance of a will. I’ve always thought it was something only older people needed to worry about, but the points about choosing guardians for minor children and expressing funeral wishes make it clear that it’s something I should be considering now.

  2. I love how WillsMalaysia has made the process seem so user-friendly. The idea of creating a will ‘from the comfort of your home’ and without legal jargon is very appealing. It’s great to know there’s support every step of the way, especially for those of us who are not legally savvy.

  3. It’s enlightening to see a resource that so clearly outlines all the reasons why a will is necessary. From choosing beneficiaries and guardians for minor children to expressing funeral wishes, this page drives home the point that a will is more than just a legal document—it’s a final act of care and responsibility for our loved ones.

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